Why was Charlie Weis Fired from Kansas

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Charlie Weis Hot Seat Status:
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Charlie Weis
Fired as Head Coach at Kansas

Lasted 2.34 Seasons with Kansas • 2-2

True Hiring Score THS
*Scale of -500 to 1500

Huge Potential

It was clear that Kansas brought in Charlie Weis to help improve their offense. As a coach that got his reputation with the New England Patriots winning super bowls in Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX (*and developing Tom Brady of course), Notre Dame took notice and hired Coach Weis to his first Head Coaching Job in 2005. However, the South Bend faithful lost patience after 4 years Charlie Weis was fired.

In 2010 Weis returned to the NFL as an offensive coordinator with the Kansas City Cheifs before the Flordia Gators hired him back into the college ranks in 2011.

Big Contract

Kansas saw Charlie Weis as a big-time name with a track record of putting together an explosive offense and decided to hire Coach Weis in 2012 as the Head Coach of the Kansas Jayhawks. Athletic director Sheahon Zenger figured Charlie Weis was the household name Kansas needed in order to draw in recruits and compete in the big 12 with a competitive football team.

Zero Offensive Production

With a very slow start in season one, Kansas gave Charlie the benefit of the doubt. Another terrible season in year 2 and a slow start (especially offensively) in 2014 was enough for Kansas and they fired him on September 28, 2014 after putting up a goose egg on the scoreboard against a weak Texas team.

Week 1
Week 2 Southeast Missouri State W 28 – 34
Week 3 Duke L 3 – 41
Week 4 Central Michigan W 10 – 24
Week 5 Texas L 23 – 0

2014 Kansas Football Season

2014 Win Expectations

2014 Season Record

2014 Big 12 Conference Strength
2014 Season Report Card


2013 Kansas Football Season

2013 Win Expectations

2013 Season Record

2013 Big 12 Conference Strength
2013 Season Report Card

2012 Kansas Football Record: 1-11
2011 Kansas Football Record: 2-10

How old is Charlie Weis? 58 Years Old
How much money does Charlie Weis make? $2,500,000

6-22-0 Record with Kansas • 0.214
Career Record 41-49- • 0.456

Charlie Weis’s Coaching Tree
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What are your thoughts? Does Charlie Weis deserve a THS score of 71.47 based off of his current value as a coach?

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