Why did Coach Darrell Hazell Get Fired?

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Darrell Hazell Hot Seat Status:
Fired from Purdue on 10/16/2016

Darrell Hazell
Currently Unemployed

Alma Mater: Muskingum

3-3 (0.300%)
Last Game: L 49-35 Iowa
9-33-0 (0.167%)
As Purdue Coach 3.7 Seasons
25-43-0 (0.347%)
Overall Coaching in College Football
True Hiring Score THS
*The Darrell Hazell hot seat conversation cools off around 70
Darrell Hazell was preceeded by Danny Hope at Purdue 3.7 seasons ago

See the Darrell Hazell Coaching Tree Below

W 45-24 Eastern Kentucky
3.7 Seasons with Purdue
2015 Purdue Season 2 – 10
2014 Purdue Season 3 – 9
2013 Purdue Season 1 – 11
2012 Purdue Season 6 – 7

Week 1 L 41-31 Marshall
Week 2 W 38-14 Indiana State
Week 3 L 51-24 Virginia Tech
Week 4 L 35-28 Bowling Green State
Week 5 L 24-21 Michigan State
Week 6 L 41-13 Minnesota
Week 7 L 24-7 Wisconsin
Week 8 Bye
Week 9 W 55-45 Nebraska
Week 10 L 48-14 Illinois
Week 11 L 21-14 Northwestern
Week 12 L 40-20 Iowa
Week 13 L 54-36 Indiana
Week 14 Bye
Week 15 Bye
Bowl Week Did not make Bowl Game
Week 1 W 45-24 Eastern Kentucky
Week 2 L 38-20 Cincinnati
Week 3 Bye
Week 4 W 24-14 Nevada
Week 5 L 50-7 Maryland
Week 6 W 34-31 Illinois
Week 7 L 49-35 Iowa
Week 8 L 27-14 Nebraska
Week 9 L 62-24 Penn State
Week 10 L 44-31 Minnesota
Week 11 L 45-17 Northwestern
Darrell Hazell’s True Hiring Score: 46

2016 Purdue Football Season

2016 Win Expectations

2016 Season Record

2016 Big Ten-West Conference Strength
2016 Season Report Card


2015 Purdue Football Season

2015 Win Expectations

2015 Season Record

2015 Big Ten-West Conference Strength
2015 Season Report Card


2014 Purdue Football Season

2014 Win Expectations

2014 Season Record

2014 Big Ten-West Conference Strength
2014 Season Report Card


2013 Purdue Football Season

2013 Win Expectations

2013 Season Record

2013 Big Ten-West Conference Strength
2013 Season Report Card

2012 Purdue Football Record: 6-7
Where does Coach Hazell rank among the best coaches in Football?
How old is Darrell Hazell? 52 Years Old
How much money does Darrell Hazell make? Darrell Hazell Salary: $2,195,000

Darrell Hazell’s Coaching Tree is what eventually got Coach Hazell to the Purdue job in the first place. It will be interesting if the Purdue faithful decide to fire Darrell Hazell…

What are your thoughts? Does Darrell Hazell deserve a THS score of 46 based off of his performance as the Head Coach of Purdue?
Join the conversation about coach Darrell Hazell on where he ranks in college football.

The Darrell Hazell Coaching Tree

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  1.  avatar

    Wild Deuce

    October 19, 2015

    Every day I woke up hoping to see Hazell gone… Yet he’s still the HC as of 2015/10/19. I understand time and patience are required to build a program. However, he inherited a team that went to a bowl game. That means there was some talent. He turned it into a 1-win team. Then every year, we have this QB musical chair. 3 years in a row where our first game QB is benched by the middle of the year. Again, the QBs weren’t walk ons, nor 1 star recruits. They were or rated about 3 or 4 stars on most recruit boards. At the end of 2nd season, I thought he deserves another season. Then we proceed to lose MAC teams (even at home). We get blown out by stronger teams. There are no progress. Defensive players get run over; offense look sad. All this shows me that the coaching staff can’t coach, can’t develop talent. I thought Hazell might have been a good hire, but I was wrong. Time to pull the plug. I don’t mind we hire an unknown.

    •  avatar


      October 23, 2015

      Regretfully, I must agree. My suggestion: Hire an SEC assistant

  2.  avatar


    October 18, 2015

    Danny Hope was at Purdue for four years and was essentially a .500 ball coach (with the exception coming in year two, where over half the playmakers tore their ACLs and the freaky injury plaqued most sports at Purdue). Hope needed to go BUT he did not break or bury the program. Hazell came into a program with plenty of upperclassmen that had made two straight bowl appearances. Hazell couldn’t connect with his upperclassmen classmen and drove them away relying on freshmen and sophomores to get gobbled up in the B10 and the MAC. He couldn’t coach to his player’s strengths. For example Henry broke Tebow’s HS QB records as a run first pass second QB. So Hazell decides to make Henry a dropback style passer and benches him when he can’t pass behind a horrible oline. Then when he switches to the freshman QB a dropback style QB. Hazell has him running for his life back there rather than passing. Why not just let Henry do his thing in the first place. Fast forward to year 3. We are still playing freshman and can’t beat a MAC team and our recruiting classes are dead last in the B10. Mike Washburn, was the one reporter who called Hope a spade when it needed to done. Now even Mike has swallowed the ADBurke Koolaid and spouts of this revisionist history of how Hope broke the team and Sheriff Bart was brought in to save the day. Well this ain’t Rockridge and we need a ball coach not a gunslinger. Sadly with a nearly $7 million buyout We’re stuck with our freshmen loving coach, our crony loving Daniels and worst yet our couldn’t find a good coach if one landed in his lap ADBurke. Let’s hope Painter can hold his mud til the madness on the gridiron is over…

  3. TheGrandDuchy avatar


    September 8, 2014

    Pretty sure Coach Darrell Hazell is not the man for this job. We struggle against Western Michigan and then lose to Central Michigan?! Last I checked Purdue was in the Big 10 and not in the MAC. I honestly don’t see Purdue winning another game all season after we hopefully get past Southern Illinois on Sept. 20. Darrell Hazell hot seat talks need to not only begin, they need to get LOUD!

  4. TheGrandDuchy avatar


    July 19, 2014

    The 1-11 season in 2013 I believe is the worst season in Boilermaker history. I can’t imagine that his seat isn’t hot right now. Granted it’s his first year but come on, ONE win in a weak 2013 Big Ten!

    My fingers are crossed for a better 2014 while Coach Hazell sits on a hot seat with his assistants.

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