Coaching in the NFL or coaching College football is one of the most cut-throat professions in the world. A coach’s successes and failures are analyzed with a fine tooth comb in the national media. We here at Coaching Tree Hot Seat have engineered a highly effective complex rating that gives sports fans an up to date coaches rating. Ranking coaches on their job security and the likelihood that they will be promoted to a bigger college football program or fired from at the end of the season is the idea behind our formula. We call this the True Hiring Score (or THS for short).
Which NCAA coaches have been fired so far?
Learning to deal with the grind of coaching sports is something every successful coach must go through. The pressure to coach sports gets the best of coaches sometimes and we’ve seen many times over the years coaches on the hot seat lose their composure, patience, and ability to lead a team. Keeping tabs on the True Hiring Scores of coaches is the best way to manage the expectations and production factors that a coach brings to a specific team. Gone are the days of brash decisions off of intuition. In a world full of information and data, it’s important to look at all of the factors that go into what make a coach successful or a failure.
What are football coaches being paid?
Football coaches on the hot seat.
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