2016 College Football Coaching Changes

College Football Coaches that were Fired in 2016

Date Fired
2016 Coach
THS When Fired
Succeeded ByHired
5/26/2016BaylorArt Briles84Jim Grobe *Interim | Matt Rhule
5/26/2016 | 12/6/2016
LSULes Miles82
Ed Orgeron
9/25/216 | 11/26/2016
9/25/2016FIURon Turner64
Ron Cooper (4-4) | Butch Davis
9/26/216 | 11/14/2016
PurdueDarrell Hazell52
Jeff Brohm
10/23/2016Fresno StateTim DeRuyter27
Jeff Tedford
11/13/2016Georgia StateTrent Miles56
Shawn Elliott
11/26/2016TexasCharlie Strong70
Tom Herman11/27/2016
11/27/2016Florida AtlanticCharlie Partridge71
Lane Kiffin12/12/2016
11/27/2016San Jose StateRon Caragher50
Brent Brennan12/9/2016
11/27/2016NevadaBrian Polian81
Jay Norvell12/9/2016
11/29/2016OregonMark Helfrich83
Willie Taggart12/7/2016
12/26/2016UconnBob Diaco64
Randy Edsall12/28/2016
1/3/2017MinnesotaTracy Claeys85
P.J. Fleck1/13/2017
1/8/2017CalifrorniaSonny Dykes81
Justin Wilcox1/13/2017

College Football Coaches that have Resigned in 2016

Date Resigned
2016-17 Coach
THS When Resigned
Succeeded ByHired
11/28/2016BaylorJim Grobe84Matt Rhule12/6/2016
Kevin Wilson74Tom Allen12/1/2016
12/4/2016CincinnatiTommy Tuberville52Luke Fickell12/10/2016

College Football Coaches Hired Away in 2016

Date Hired AwayTeam2016 CoachTHS When HiredSucceeded ByHired
11/27/2016HoustonTom Herman94Major Applewhite12/9/2016
12/6/2016Western KentuckyJeff Brohm86Mike Sanford12/12/2016
12/6/2016TempleMatt Rhule90Geoff Collins12/13/2016
12/7/2016South FloridaWillie Taggart89Charlie Strong12/11/2016
1/6/2017Western MichiganP.J. Fleck92Tim Lester1/13/2017

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