2016-17 NFL Coaching Carousel

NFL Coaches that were Fired in 2016-17

Date Fired
2016-17 Coach
THS When Fired
Succeeded ByHired
12/12/2016Los Angeles RamsJeff Fisher58John Fassel *Interim | Sean McVay12/12/2016 | 1/12/2017
11/3/2015Jacksonville JaguarsGus Bradley48Doug Marrone12/19/2016* | 1/9/2017
12/27/2016Buffalo BillsRex Ryan82Anthony Lynn *Interim | Sean McDermott*12/27/2016 | 1/11/2017
1/1/2017San Francisco 49ersChip Kelly43Kyle Shanahan2/7/2017
1/1/2017San Diego ChargersMike McCoy59Anthony Lynn1/17/2017

NFL Coaches that have Resigned in 2016-17

Date Resigned
2016-17 Coach
THS When Resigned
Succeeded ByHired
Denver BroncosGary Kubiak72
Vance Joseph1/11/2017

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